Introduction: How to Make a Deadshot Costume

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In this Instructable you will learn how to make a DeadShot costume from the movie Suicide Squad. If you like this instructable please check out my youtube channel below

Step 1: Materials

For this costume you will need:
-1/2 inch Eva foam

-knee pads and elbow pads

-a styrofoam head



-sculpting tools

-straps and buckles

-a red undershirt

-black jeans

-lots of time

Step 2: The Armor

The armor is made from 1/2 inch EVA foam, then it is painted with black spray paint and weathered with silver paint. Then I put straps on each side at the hips and each shoulder.

Step 3: The Belt

For this create box shapes out of EVA foam and glue them to a belt.

Step 4: The Guns

For the big gun, I started with a Nerf rapidstrike that I sanded the logos off and painted it with black, red, and gold spray paint. I used masking tape to get the design.

Step one: paint entire gun black and let dry

Step two: use masking tape to mask of all areas that you don't want to be red

Step three: paint non masked areas red

Step four: repeat step three with gold

Step 5: The Epic Mask

This was by far the hardest part of the costume
Step One: sculpt the mask on a styrofoam head

Step Two: then you need to make a 2-part plaster mold of it. watch this video to see how

Step Three: paint 1 layer of latex to the inside of the mold and let it dry and another layer and another layer until it reaches your desired thickness

Step Four: pull the mask out of the mold slowly while powdering it with baby powder

Step Five: with scissors cut out the eye hole and Breathing holes

Step Six: paint the entire mask white with a 1 to 1 mixture of liquid latex and white latex paint and paint the details with black face paint

Step Seven: make a robotic eye from LED's and craft foam and glue it on

Now you'r done!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Fun

Now have fun at your next event and impress people with your costume :-)

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