How to Make a Flower Bed

Introduction: How to Make a Flower Bed

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Step 1: Starting Out

Back hoe
Small area
Flowers of choice
Three water buckets

Step 2: Back Hoe

Take back hoe and till a line five blocks long.

Step 3: Back Hoe

Do the same on the other side.

Step 4: Fists

Take your fist or tool of choice to break the dirt five blocks in the middle of your tilled lines.

Step 5: Water

Take your water buckets and tap one end of the hole you dug, then tap the other side. There are two currents flowing at each other. Then take the last water bucket and tap in the middle. The water is perfectly still!

Step 6: Wait

Wait for the tilled land to turn darker brown, then tap the hydrated dirt with a flower.

Step 7: Yay

Now you made a flower bed!

This is a picture of the rare spider jockey in Minecraft! I found one !! I have mobile and xbox 360 Minecraft.

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    1 year ago

    Yes, I've seen and battled one.THEY ARE SO HARD TO KILL!!!! :( I ended up dying twice


    Reply 1 year ago

    i meant chicken jockeys


    7 years ago

    My texture pack is "John smith legacy" it's my favorite! I used to use "sphax pure BD craft" that one is kinda cartoony and very colorful but I like John smith because its kind of midieval looking and works very well for castles and such. I don't know if you can get texture packs on PE but you can get them on Xbox though! I play on computer mostly


    7 years ago

    Find any chicken jockeys yet? :) :p Another fun thing to see is a baby zombie wearing armor! Or a charged creeper!