Introduction: How to Make Hidden Storage

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If you have a small valuable object that you need to keep hidden in your house, yet have it easy to reach. You may need to find some easy yet secret storage system. Many people find that it is convenient to store all their keys, car keys house keys e.t.c, by the front door. However, as, in the UK, 73% of burglars enter through the front door it would seem stupid to leave your keys in plain sight where they can easily be stolen enabling the burglar to also steal your car. Because of this I have thought of ways to keep valuables near a door yet hide them.

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Step 1: What You Need

All you need is the object you wish to hide and a canvas.
A blank canvas would look odd so choose something which will look like it is there as decoration. (In this case, it was) You also need some method to hang the canvas. For mine, it is just a nail in the wall. The object should be small enough to balance in the void between the canvas and the wall. If soft, like the dollars I am using, it is fine if it is a tiny bit too big as it will compress.

Step 2: Method

Carefully place the object on the upturned canvas, being careful not to damage the canvas, touching the bottom of the frame. Then carefully place the canvas back in the wall whilst balancing the object on the frame. I found it helps to place the base of the canvas against the wall first so the object doesn't fall. When you are done the canvas should look identical to how it hung before.

Step 3: Wait and Think About How Your Secret Storage Is Now Not Secret

Remember that if you have read this instructable anybody else could have also done so and will now think to look behind any canvases in your house when they break in. Decide that this will not now work as a propper hidden store, and anyway it is rather obvious, so leave a small amount of valuable things, which you don't mind being stolen, behind a canvas. This should serve as a decoy so any burglar will think they have stolen your hidden stash and so will not look as hard for more. Realise that because instructables is open for anyone to see, any secret storage instructable is now not secret. Decide instead to use this as inspiration and thus come up with your own hidden storage solution.

Step 4: Inspiration

This is a hidden storage solution I made. It is designed to look like a clock, and does actually work as such, but contains a hidden drawer. It looks just like a clock. But if you look carefully at the button of the right side of it, you will notice a drawer. However, as this is flush with the side you cannot pull it out. Instead, you have to know that it is connected to a push catch and so push it in until you hear a slight click. It will then be pushed out by about a centimetre. Then you have to pull out the drawer and it is just big enough for my door keys (I made it for GCSE DT) as many people leave all their keys near the front door where they are easy to steal. This can hide the keys right by the door and as the clock is quite heavy and doesn't look that valuable no one will think to steal it. It can be opened in about 30 seconds. At some point in the future I will post an instructable on how I made this, but as the drawer often gets stuck I want to solve this before I try to teach others how to make it.

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