Introduction: How to Make a Hit Girl Halloween Costume for Your Dog

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Loved Hit Girl in the Kick Ass movie and thought that it would make a fun dog costume. This costume isn't hard to make BUT it takes time to make. I spent about 2 1/2 hours on this one.

A little safety note! When your dog is wearing a costume, it MUST be supervised. Accidents can happen!

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies

You will need; A purple tartan kids skirt, a purple wig, pink webbing, a meter of stretchy black sports fabric, scissors, needle & thread, pins, a china marker, a marking pen, a length of elastic, velcro, black vet wrap, a measuring tape and a sewing machine.

The total cost for the materials was $15. I got the skirt at a second hand shop and bought the fabric out of the remainders bin. The black fabric for the mask and cape should be stretchy sports fabric. You don’t have to do any hemming and the fabric has a little “give” to it for doggie comfort. You can buy vet wrap at any horse tack shop and some pet stores.

Step 2: MASK - the Muzzle Dart

Place the fabric over your dog’s face and pinch a small amount of fabric to for it to the muzzle. With a china marker, make a triangular mark on the gathering. Then pin the dart together, with the sharp point AWAY from your dog’s face.

Step 3: MASK - Eye Holes

Holding the fabric to your dog’s face, place a finger in the general eye area. Lift the fabric off of your dog, transfer to the table and mark eye holes. Cut generous sized holes.

Step 4: MASK - Ear Holes

Place the mask on your dog’s face and mark out where the ears are. Cut generous sized holes

Step 5: MASK - Shaping & Trimming

Put the mask back on and mark the jaw line and the back of the head. Take the mask off and connect the marks to shape the mask

Step 6: MASK - Cheek Darts

Put the mask back on and tighten it to the side of the cheek with a dart. Mark the dart position with a china marker and repeat for the other cheek

Pin the cheek darts and sew them. This is the time when you will sew the muzzle dart, as well. Trim the excess fabric from the darts.

Step 7: MASK - Making the Head Dart

Put the mask on *again* and gather the fabric at the back of the head. Mark this dart with the china marker. Pin, sew and trim. Fit the mask to your dog again and trim any rough or uneven parts. It doesn’t have to be too fancy since the wig is going to hide most of it.

Step 8: MASK - Adding the Elastic

Put the mask on and by the jaws, make a mark on either side of the dog’s face. Take the mask off, pin a length of cut elastic on each mark and sew with the zig zag stitch

Step 9: WIG - Cutting & Shaping

Unless you have a very large dog, you are going to have to do some tailoring. Try the wig, un-cut, on your dog. Your going to have to do a little eyeballing, but things will work out okay

The wig is made in layers. For a medium sized dog, you can pretty much cut off the entire back part. Find a break in the wig and cut.

Flip the wig over and cut off most of the front part, leaving only a layer or two of bangs.
Pin the mask to the wig with the eye holes facing the front of the wig. With a needle and thread, sew the mask to the wig.

Put the mask/wig combo of your dog and see if you need to do a little trimming. I had to trim down Jersey’s wig so that the bangs wouldn’t fall into her eyes.

Step 10: SKIRT - Cutting

Slit the skirt down the zipper line and remove it.

Step 11: SKIRT - Fitting

Place the skirt on your dog and make a mark with a black pen to where the ends overlap.

Step 12: SKIRT - Adding Velcro

Pin the velcro and either sew or staple in place. I was lazy and stapled it down. Add a small square of velcro at the bottom of the skirt to keep it closed when it is on your dog

Step 13: SKIRT - the Pink Belt

Take a length of pink webbing and pin it in place. Sew a seam on either edge of the webbing.

Step 14: CAPE - Measuring Your Dog

Measure your dog from the beginning of the shoulder blades to the end of the rump.

Step 15: CAPE - Tracing Design

Transfer the measurement to the black sports fabric and trace out whatever cape design you wish.

Cut out the cape and add velcro squares to the ends of the neck pieces.

Sorry that the pics are skimpy, but Jersey was getting fussy and I wanted to finish the costume.

Step 16: Making "Boots"

To give the appearance of boots, I used black vet wrap. It sticks to itself, but not to fur. Loosely wrap your dog’s legs a few times so that it can still walk comfortably. If you want, you can wrap the back legs, too. At this point, Jersey was getting a little impatient, so I skipped it.

Step 17: Securing the Cape

To keep the cape from sliding all over the place, add a small square of velcro onto the skirt and the back of the cape.

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