Introduction: How to Make a Bushcraft Hobo Oven

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Hobo Ovens are a great design and easy to use and even easier to make.

One of my other post on here shows you how to make Bannock bread in a Hobo Oven.

This is the How To Guide on doing so ......

What You Will Need

2 x Tin Cans one large than the other Please check Step 1 to get information.

3 x Stones or pebbles (Collect once on site) (DO NOT USE CONCRETE AS IT EXPLODES UNDER HEAT).

Heat Proof Gloves.


Step 1: Tins Sizes and Where From

The tins in this photo are as follows

Jumbo Tin is Jumbo Bake Bean Tin

Keep the Lid from Jumbo tin as this can be put on top when cooking

Medium Tin is a large tin that contained mixed veg


Step 2: Set Up

When setting up take your Jumbo tin and place 3 stones (the size of a plastic bottle screw cap) into the bottom of the tin in a triangle formation.

Once you have placed what you plan to cook inside the Medium tin and then sit into the Jumbo tin on-top of the 3 stones.

now place the Jumbo tin lid back on top of the Jumbo tin

Step 3: Setting Up in the Fire

Place the Jumbo Tin with with Lid on that also contains other tin with the food inside into the glowing embers then VERY CAREFULLY (With Gloves and Shovel) Put some more embers on top of the lid.

Leave till food is fully cooked.


Please leave a comment telling me and others what have you cooked in your Hobo Oven ?

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