Introduction: How to Make a House in Minecraft

About: Hello, I make simple instructables. I don't want to make you look everywhere for your materials. I mainly use household items. Some of my instructables have 3 very simple steps to them. PLEASE VOTE.

Step 1: Make a Base Out of Your Material

I used cobblestone in this case.

Step 2: Build the Structure's Pillars

I did all the pillars 4 blocks high. Do count the block on the base as one.

Step 3: Build Another Base on the Top

It has to match the one on the bottom.

Step 4: Build the Walls With Another Material

I did not fill in the inside of the house. And I prefer wood for this technique.

Step 5: Based on Your Base, Find the Middle and Make a Doorway

Try not to make it odd looking. If the base is in width on an odd number, make a single doorway.

Step 6: Go Inside

(At the bottom I used another material for the floor.)

Step 7: Add Light

Use torches or glowstone.

Step 8: (Go Outside) Add Doors.

Place them depending on how many door holes you have.

Step 9: Add a Mini Staircase

Add the stairs depending on how many doors you have. (I have 2).

Step 10: There! Your Done!

It isn't that bad for a mine-crafter. Try making a roof.

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