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Introduction: How to Make a Pokeball Quilt Top

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This quilt makes a great gift for your nerdy friends out there or yourself it's fun to make and is simple enough to make. It's 22 squares by 28 squares and each square is 4"x4" and a seem allowance of 1/4". This quit is made for a queen/double size bed, so if you have a king size or twin size bed the square sizes will need to adjust it.

Step 1: What You Will Need

-Fabric: I chose 100% cotton since it's nice soft compared to polyester, the colors will need are:Red - 2 1/2 yards of 100% Cotten
Dark Red - 1 yards of 100% Cotten
White - 2 yards of 100% Cotten
Black - 3 yards of 100% Cotten
Dark Gray - 1 yards of 100% Cotten
6 yards of 100% Cotten fabric that you want
NOTE: I didn't realize that the amount of fabric you get may be too much depending on how you cut it. I had a lot left over, so the amount of fabric will need to adjusted (depends on. Square size you make too).
-Matching thread: I choose machine quilter thread that matched the fabric and one multi colored thread of redish colors for when I give the quilt it's puffy grid.
-A large cutting mat
-Iron & ironing board
-Rotary cutter and/or sharpe scissors
-Large clear sewing ruler
-Sewing machine and needles
-LOTS of pins
-Masking tape or sticky notes and a pencil
-A sheet

Step 2: Getting Started

Before you cut the squares you can the fabric you choose to iron the fabric.
1) Number of squares:
Gray - 17 4x4in. squares
Red - 102 4x4in. squares
Dark Red - 30 4x4in. squares
Black - 105 4x4in. squares
White - 25 4x4in. squares
Fabric of you choose - 288 4x4in. squares
2) Making strips:I cut my fabric in 4in. wide strips that I'll cut in squares later.
3) If you didn't iron before now is also a good point to iron the strips then divide them into squares. Each square will be 4x4 in.

Step 3: So Many Squares!

Now that cutting your squares is done its time to start making the pattern. It helps to have a large clean flat surface with no animals in the room that can cause animal hair everywhere or walking on top of it.

Step 4: Start Sewing

Picture 1 shows the pattern I'm using
To help:The blue lines are the boarded
The yellow lines break up the pattern into small sections
The link squares represents the fabric of your choice
The entire right column of the pattern is 4 square wide instead of 3 because it makes the pattern even on both sides.
I drew up a simple picture of the quilt on an index card (picture 2) to keep track of what is done and to help later on when putting all the bigger squares together.
The easiest way to put the quilt together is to make the smaller squares into bigger ones by sewing 9 together (picture 3). It also helps to write down what square it is on masking tape and stick it on the square. Don't forget the seem allowance is 1/4 and inch.
After I sew 3 together I iron the seems (picture 4).

Step 5: Keep on Sewing

Keep on working on the squares. I made a row at a time, attached each square together making an entire row. Then I would make the next and after attach the rows together. There should be 9 rows in total.

It should be 28x22 squares each square made up of 9 4"x4" squares.

Step 6: Updates

As I get farther along with the quilt top I'll add updates to this instructables. I just couldn't wait to share this even if it was completely done. I'll keep adding to the quilt top though :)

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    6 years ago

    Did you ever get it finished? I am making it now, and just about ready to quilt it. What colour of thread did you use? What design did you quilt it with? I am at a loss! Would really appreciate seeing your final project.