Introduction: How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

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A tooth fairy pillow that hangs on your child's door knob is much easier for the tooth fairy to access than a tiny tooth hiding under a pillow. Follow these simple steps to make your own tooth fairy pillow. A great gift to make for (or with) a loose-toothed child in your life! This is a great gift (and craft) for 5-7 year olds. Happy Crafting! Fondly, Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

Step 1: Supplies and Cutting Fabric

You will need:
2 - 8" x 8" square pieces of fabric
(Note: it's really cute if you use two contrasting patterns)
1 - 4" x 4" piece of colored felt (to use as pocket)
1 - small piece of white felt cut in the shape of a tooth (approximately 3" tall by 2.5" wide)
10-12" piece of ribbon to use as hanger for pillow
Needle and embroidery floss (white, brown, blue, or colors of your choice)
Pinking shears are optional but add a nice finish to the edge of the pocket.
Sewing machine or needle and thread to hand sew.

Step One: Cut out your fabric. So you have 2 (even) 8" squares.
I mark mine with a marker and a ruler but you might want to use chalk or a pencil if you're working with light colors. This is a step kids can help do.

Step 2: Cut Out Felt

You will need to cut a 4" x 4" square piece of felt to use as the tooth pocket on your pillow.
Use a color that contrasts nicely with your fabric.
You can use pinking shears if you like a zig-zag edge effect.

You will also need to cut out a small white felt tooth shape (approximately 2.5" wide by 3" tall)

Step 3: Embroider a Face on the Felt Tooth

Using embroidery floss and a needle.
Sew a happy face on your tooth.
You can use simple running stitches or get fancy with french knots and chain stitching.
This is a step that can be done by an adult or a child with supervision.

Step 4: Stitch Tooth to the Felt Pocket

Time to attach your felt tooth to the felt square pocket.
You can machine stitch or hand sew the felt.
I hand stitched mine with white embroidery floss.
This is another step that can be done by a child with adult supervision.
Using your white embroidery floss (or thread) sew the felt tooth to the 4" square piece of felt.
This will be the pocket on your pillow.

Step 5: Sew the Pocket on Your Fabric (Leave the Top Open!)

Machine stitch (or hand stitch) the felt tooth pocket to the right side of your fabric.
This will be the front of your tooth fairy pillow.

Important: Don't sew the top shut!
Remember to only sew the left side, bottom, and right side.
Leave the top open so you can put teeth and notes for the tooth fairy inside (and so the tooth fairy can leave her notes/money/treasures behind!)

Step 6: Add a Ribbon Handle to Your Tooth Fairy Pillow

I like to add my ribbon handle to the pillow BEFORE I sew it together.
If you forget, you can sew it on by hand after but doing it this way will save you a step.

Place a 10"-12" piece of co-ordinating ribbon (like a purse strap/handle) on the backside of the front piece of the fabric so you can see that it is where you want it.
Pin it in place.

Now pin your two piece of pillow fabric together, right sides facing each other.
The ribbon handle should be tucked inside the middle (like sandwich filling)

Hand sew or machine stitch around three sides of the pillow left side, top (go right through the ribbon), and right side. Leave the bottom open so you can stuff it and inside-out it.

Step 7: Inside Out It!

Inside out the pillow.
Here's your sneak peek of your finished pillow, you're almost done!

Step 8: Just Stuff It!

Time to stuff the pillow.
This is a great step for children to do and/or help with.

Step 9: Sew It All Up.

Now it's time to close.
You can machine stitch or hand sew for this step.
After all of the stuffing is in the pillow, just fold the edges under (tuck them in)
and sew along the bottom to close up the pillow.

Step 10: Hang Up Your Finished Project!

Now it's time to wait for the tooth fairy.

Hang up your tooth fairy pillow and you're good to go!

(You'll have a much shorter wait if you add a tooth to the pillow)

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