Introduction: How to Make a Woman in Black Vail

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This is a easy and great addition to your woman in black costume. It is not to dense so that you can't see your own face but, also not to thin that you cant tell that your wearing a vail.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need the hat your using for your costume, a black or dark brown hair net, a strip of black leather, black ribbon or string, and scissors.

Step 2: Turn the Hair Net Into the Vail Part

Take your hair net and find the two knots that make the hair circular (picture two). Then take your scissors and cut off the two knots (picture three). Start stretching out your vail very witch way (picture four), until u get the shape and desired length of the hair net.

Step 3: Take Your Leather and Poke Holes Through Both Sides

Now take your leather and poke a hole in each side (picture one). I suggest that you use a cutting board or a hard surface, do not use your table unless you are ok with damaging it.

Step 4: Now Attach Your Vail to the Leather

There are many ways to attach the vail to the leather so I wanted to leave it up to you, there no restrictions to your imagination. I personally used black elastic looms, and the little attaching pieces. (As Shown in picture) If it seems saggy that is ok because we are putting it on the hat, if you don't want to use it for the hat then attaché more looms or the method of how you put the vail on the leather.

Step 5: Put Ribbon or String Through the Two Holes We Made Earlier

Now all you have to do is put your string or ribbon through the two holes. If you are having some trouble doing this then use the tip of your scissors to push the string or ribbon through the holes.

Step 6: Now Put the Final Product on the Hat

Now put the final product on the hat and enjoy.