Introduction: CD Wreath

If you are of a certain age, and a certain demographic, you may remember making Christmas wreaths out of punch cards. (I can't remember a time when CDs weren't the preferred form of data storage, but my dad can...)
Sadly, those wreaths are long gone, but you can pay homage to this ancient tradition by creating your own, shinier, modern day version!

Step 1: First, Gather Your Materials.

To make this rainbow-y creation, you'll need some materials.

-Anywhere from 10-30 CDs, depending on the size of your ring.
-A wooden, plastic, or styrofoam ring, suitable for gluing stuff on.
-A Hot glue gun, with glue for it. (Although some strong regular glue would work almost as well)
-A hanger to hang the wreath on.
-A Festive Ribbon (Optional)

Step 2: Start to Glue on Your CDs!

This is pretty self-explanatory. You start gluing on the first layer of CDs, SHINY SIDE FACING OUT, as shown in the picture. Lay them out first, so that they are placed evenly. Don't just start gluing them on! Make sure that you have them roughly all sticking out the same distance... it just doesn't look good to have a lumpy wreath.

Really, do take the time to do this!

Step 3: Now, Add the Second Layer!

As before, lay the CDs out, SHINY SIDE OUT, make sure you've gotten them evenly spaced, and start gluing!

Step 4: Finishing Touches!

If you have any loose bits of glue hanging about, be sure to remove them from your creation.
Drill, glue, or otherwise fasten your hanger to the back of your wreath.
If you like, you may add your Festive Bow, thus completing it!

Step 5: Hang Up and Admire

Hang that thing on your door, in your house, or even on yourself as a strange fashion statement.
I would suggest putting it in the general vicinity of twinkling Xmas lights, as the flashing colors look very impressive reflecting off the wreath.

We have had people drive past our house, glance at it, and then reverse to get another look! It is quite a spectacle.

Also, I have found that during the process of getting this object out every holiday season, it tends to have a disk or two get a little loose. Just quickly patch it up with a little hot glue!

Well, I hope you'll have a fun time turning a common household item (that might otherwise be discarded) into a holiday decoration!


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