Introduction: How to Make an IPad Mini Pouch Case

I don't have pictures for the steps but just follow along. I only have the before and after pictures.

Step 1: Get the Materials


1. Fabric(any color)
2. Thread ( matching color to your fabric)
3. A needle
4. Foam
5. Cutting tool
6. Fabric glue
7. Sewing machine/ optional ( only if you don't want to sew )
8. Paper
9. Pen

Step 2: Get an IPad Mini Case

Get the iPad mini case and trace it onto the paper.

Step 3: Cut the Paper

Cut the marks on the paper

Step 4: Then Get the Paper and Trace It on the Fabric 4x

Step 5: Cut the Marks on the Fabric for All

Step 6: Then Do the Same Thing Exempt on Foam

Step 7: Then Put One IPad Shaped Foam in Between Two Fabrics and Glue It Together and Sew It All Around

Step 8: Do the Same Thing One More Time

Step 9: Then Sew the Both That You Have Together Exempt the Top

Step 10: Then Design It However You Like, I Made a Blue Type Minion

Show me what you made! Just put " Diy Pouch Case RRU " and I'll check it out.