Introduction: How to Make Animated Hipster Caligraphy

Hello instructables, this is my first post. i hope you will understand. before we started i realy sorry about my english. So, lets get started. The application that you need is Adobe Ilustrator CC, Adobe After Effect (Optiona), and Adobe Photoshop CC(you can also use CS6). Before we reach the next step, check out the finished video in bellow this page.

Step 1: Getting Started

Open your Adobe Ilustrator CC or CS6. After you open the Adobe Ilustrator, make a new document. Fill free to choose the size, but i recommended you use that i have use.

Step 2: Creating Text and Masking the Text

After you make the new document, and then write any text using caligraphic font, after you make a text use brush to mask the text. To make a caligraphic brush, open brush window and double click in a brush stroke. Change the size, Angel, And Rotation. When you have finished making the mask, delete the font and select the mask. After you select it, click Obeject > Expand Appearance. after that open pathfinder > unite and press Shift + X. The outline use to guide when you fill it with color in Photoshop, its like kids coloring. After you finish it open your Photoshop

Step 3: Preparing the Photoshop

After you open your photoshop, open the document that you have created. After that, make sure you have timeline window, if not enable this by click Window > Timeline. Before you animating the caligraphy, make a new action that can duplicate a frame. To do that. open your action window. and then make a new action(new button in bottom of window), make sure you record it(when you record it it must be a red circle symbols near the new action botton). And the last one, Change the Frame Rate(FPS) and enable the onion skin(Onion skin will help you to see a frame before it, like in mecromedia flash). To change it, click a symbols in the right corner of timeline window. When you have done do this, you can jump into next step.

Step 4: Animating the Caligraphy

To animate it, i recommended you to start with a dot. Animate the dot using brush into the outline frame by frame. When the dot was inside the outline, use your action that you have created before by pressing the function key that you have select before( if you not created before, you can do manualy by Layer > Video Layer > Duplicate Frame). Fill the caligraph using the brush and duplicate frame.

Feel free to change the colour or do something that you like. That is all from me. Im realy sorry about the English.

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