Introduction: How to Make Pipe-Cleaner Men

This is my instructable on how to make pipe-cleaner men. They are perfect for stop motion as they are easy to make, strong, and only use 4 pipe cleaners.
If you do use them for any stop motion videos I would like to see them so please put a link in the comments.

Step 1: Materials

To Make the pipe-cleaner man all you need is 4 pipe-cleaners. It doesn't matter what colour they are.

Step 2: Step 1: the Legs

To make the legs you will need 1 pipe cleaner:

1) Fold the pipe cleaner in half

2) Twist these to halves together. It should now be a pipe cleaner that is twice as strong and half the length.

3) Fold it so that it is in 3 parts, two legs and a middle.

Step 3: Step 2: the Body

To Make the body you will need one pipe cleaner:

1) Fold the pipe cleaner in half.

2) Twist the two halves together, as you did with the legs. This time, make sure you leave a small hole at the non-open end (highlighted in picture 2)

3) Lay the body pipe cleaner under the legs so that the hole is facing down.

4) Take the end with out a hole and bring it over the legs. Push it through the hole and pull it tight.

5) Now fold this in half again but fold it just a little over halfway so that a bit sticks out.

6) Fold the bit that sticks out around the legs then twist the body so it is strong. Leave another hole at the top.

Step 4: Step 3: the Arms

To Make the arms you will need one pipe cleaner:

1) Fold the pipe cleaner in half.

2) Twist it all the way through this time (no hole)

3) Push this halfway through the hole in the body.

4) Fold it in half (upwards)

5) Take one side and push it through the body loop again so that it forms a loop.

6) Do this again on the other side.

The arms are finished.

Step 5: Step 4: the Head

To make the head you will need 1 pipe-cleaner:

1) Fold the pipe-cleaner in half.

2) Twist it but leave a hole in one end.

3) Poke it through the gap where the arms loop around the body.

4) Push one end through the hole and pull it tight.

5) Now begin to roll it down in a tight spiral.

6) Spiral down as far as you can go.

Step 6: Finished!

Now you have finished your pipe-cleaner man.
If you want you can add feet / hands, or wrap another pipe cleaner around his body to make it a bit fatter.
Don't forget to post your stop motion videos below!

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