Introduction: How to Make Single Triple on Rainbow Loom

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
•A rainbow loom
• A Hook
• Any Colored Rubber Bands ( Can Be One Color)
• An S Clip or C Clip

Step 2: First

Start with your arrow facing AWAY from you. Take your first rubber band color and start placing them on the left row of pegs. Keep placing the rubber bands in a straight line to the end.

Step 3: Second

Take your Next set of color bands and start placing them in the middle column of pegs. Place the going straight forward to the end.

Step 4: Third

Place your next colored bands on the right set of pegs. Place the bands going straight forward to the very end.

Step 5: Fourth

Now we start by placing a triangle shape with one colored band ( preferred black or white). SKIP THE FIRST 3 PEGS! Then place them to the very end.

Step 6: Looping

MAKE SURE TO TURN THE LOOM AROUND SO THE ARROW IS FACING TOWARDS YOU! First, grab the first left rubber band and bring it forward. Then continue to the end. Next, do the same to the middle bands to the end. Also, do the same to the end with the right bands.

Step 7: Taking the Bracelete Off

Grab the 2 left bands at the end of the loom and put it on the middle end peg. Then do the right side. Take off the right 2 bands and put it to the middle.Then put the hook through the middle end peg through all bands and pull through a single band. Put it on the hook and take it off by pulling it off.

Step 8: Extension

Put how many bands you need to fit your wrist. Put them normally in a row Make sure you arrow is facing away from you! The put the end of your bracelet on the last of the row. Then start looping it with the arrow facing towards you in a single row. Take it off and put a s or c clip on the end of the bracelet and clip it together

Step 9: Enjoy

Hope you enjoyed it and hope it was easy! - rainbowloomer