Introduction: How to Make Sunglasses (Origami Style)

Have you ever just been bored out of your mind with nothing to do? Every thought origami might be fun and relaxing? Well, it is, for me anyways so I hope that I can share this little bit of joy with you too. Today, I will be instructing you on how to make a pair of (un-wearable)sunglasses. You can take a rectangular paper of any size and fold it into a pair of sunglasses that will stand on your desk or wherever you deem fit. This little project will make time go by and let you have done fun along the way

Step 1: Materials

The only things that you will need are your hands and a sheet of paper cut in half vertically. You will only need to use one half so you can discard the other or make another pair of glases.

Tip:if you don't have a sheet of paper handy, a dollar bill will work just fine.

Step 2: Beginning the Project

I didn't have any paper with me; as I said before, you can use a dollar bill and so I'll be doing just that.

Step 3: The First Fold

The first thing you need to do is good your paper horizontally. (long ways)

Step 4: Open and Close

Once you have folded the paper or bill in half, open it back up and fold the top and bottom halves to the middle crease that you just created.

Step 5: Unfold Again

Next, you just need to open back up the bottom fold of the paper/bill.

Step 6: Folding Top Corners

Then, you will fold both top corners to the middle, the ending at the fold of the bottom crease that you made earlier.

Step 7: Folding the Bottom Corners

After folding the top corners, you will do the same to the bottom corners. However, it isn't the corner of the paper that will be touching the middle crease, it will be the edge where the ending fold made in the previous step meets the fold made in step 4.

Step 8: Folding the Bottom Flap

Now fold the bottom flap up to the half way crease.

Step 9: Creating the Frame

After doing these steps, you should find the vertical middle of your paper. You will need to fold the top end corners to meet at the bottom in the middle.

Step 10: Flip It Over

You're more than half way done now. Just a few more steps and you should have a brand spanking new pair of glasses. Now, after you've folded the top corners to meet in the middle turn your paper over to the backside and fold down the top flap. It should easily fold as there should already have an existing crease.

Step 11: Making the Stand

Now make a curved fold on the back. This should allow the sunglasses to stand properly on its own. What should be curved are the flap you just folded down and a little piece of the paper underneath.

Step 12: Finish

flip the paper over, let it stand, and admire your work.

Step 13:

This includes today's instuctables. I hope you had a good time doing this, I know I did. Origami is something you can do by yourself or with family and friends. You never know what you could end up making. You'd be surprised as to how paper can be folded in many different ways to make many different things.