Introduction: How to Make the Best Paper Plane Ever

About: I am a boy with a passion for making fake wounds that look real I want them to be movie standards I have reached that once I also like making stuff

You may already know this design but I will show you any way

P.s this might not be the best paper plane but please don't hate thanx.

Intro This is the fastest paper plane that I know Also one of my faves

Step 1: Paper

Get one sheet of white paper It does not have to be all white it Can be goos paper (good on one side)

Step 2: Fold in Half and Unfold

Step 3: Fold In

Get two of the Conners and drag them in to th crese in the middle

Step 4: Fold in Again

Fold them in so they look like that

Step 5: All Most There

Step 6: So Close

Repet step 4 once more

Step 7: So So Close

Step 8: Fold

Fold in half

Step 9: Finshed

Make wings and your all done Like comment and follow And hoped you liked it.
tell me what I should do next.

P.s I will do more fake wound tuts soon if I get 20 followers Thanx bye