Introduction: How to Make the Panther Paper Airplane

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A very fast, long range paper airplane, the Panther is an impressive interceptor paper airplane. It also has a fairly large wing for its interceptor role. Because of its blunt tip, the Panther has better longevity characteristics than the average dart.

The Panther is related to the Skyknight, Skydragon, and Banshee--the "Skyknight-class" of paper airplanes. The Panther is however, the largest of this family.

TAA USAF Designation: F211-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper
Scissors (add-ons only)

Step 2: Length Folding

Fold your paper in half length-wise. Proceed to do this again so the paper will be divided into 4 tall but skinny sections.

Step 3: Nose Folding

From one of the two short sides, pull in the corners. Then flip the entire paper over and pull the tip of the nose back to the end of the swept portion.

Step 4: More Nose Folding

Now, flip the paper over again so the side with the fourth folds are on top again. Fold the paper in half along its center so this side remains outwards. Pull the front, straight parts of the nose to the center as shown. Once you've done this to both sides, look at the other, and pull open the layered paper as shown. Then flatten it into a rectangular shape as shown.

Step 5: Wing Extension Folding

Pull the paper that is covering itself out so that it jetties out from the edge of the center paper. When you pull it out, the fold should run from the bottom of the nose folds to the fourth fold in the trailing edge of the wing. Do this on both sides.

Step 6: Wing and Winglet Folding

Fold your Panther's wing root down between the nose folds and the trailing edge of the fuselage. Make sure to control the angle of incidence by aligning your the trailing edge of the wing with that of the fuselage. Then fold your airplane's winglets by pulling the extensions' tips in to the main wing, while keeping them parallel to the fuselage. Then unfold the the winglets and the wings.

Step 7: Taping

The Panther requires several pieces of tape, in several places. Apply tape as directed in the pictures.

Step 8: Flight

Like the Skyknight, the Panther is a very fast airplane that requires a fast throw at launch. This will give the Panther its smooth, fast long range capabilities. Enjoy!