Introduction: How to Make Your Boooooring... Earbuds Way Cooler


Not much only


-yarn or twine or string or any form or sort of string, as many colors as you wish. I'm just a dark dark dude so I chose black.

-oh, and scissors, don't forget the scissors

Step 1: Setting Up

All you need to do is take the end of your string and spool out the roll of yarn to the length of the earbuds' wire. Now double back so that its twice the length.Double back two more times so that it's four times the wires length. Now cut. Repeat.

You can do this with 3,4,5,6... as many strings and colors as you want.

Step 2:

Now take the ends of the strings and put all of them in one spot

Step 3:

Now take the middle of the strings and tie it around the part of the headphones with the jack. Just a normal knot except in the middle of the strings. It should look like so.

Step 4:

Now do a regular cobra stitch down the length of the wire until it splits off, making sure the wire stays inside the stitch, as if it's one of the strings. After a few stitches it should look like this.

Step 5:

Sorry I don't have any pictures to show you but when you get to the split, take two strings on each side of the split and continue stitching cobra until the tops. Once you reach the tops, just knot them like you did the bottom.

Step 6:

Have fun!!! :)

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