Introduction: How to Make Your Photos More Attractive (In Gimp)

First of all, I am using Gimp, an open source (free alternative) to photoshop
Through few easy steps, you too can make your photos pop out more
The following images show the before and after pictures of the image I edited -- (last page has the video of all steps and a finishing touch)
P.S. This trick works great on portrait images as well

Step 1: Toggle Quick Mask

At first, you have to open your image in gimp
then, at the very bottom left, you'll find a little netted square, click on it and it will lay a red mask on your image
After you lay the mask, choose the eraser tool and erase the part of the photo you want to pop out 

p.s. if you're attempting this on a portrait picture, only select the skin and increase brightness through curves (tools->color tools->curves) (you can darken the eyes and use color stamp tool to remove pimples)

Step 2: Separating Selection

When done erasing, click on the same little square and it will show you the netted image you have selected
right click and copy the netted image
right click and paste the image (this pasted image will show up as floating selection on your layers menu)
to designate this image, you'll have to click on the new layer button (bottom left of the layers menu)
this action will now enable you to treat the new image separately

Step 3: Blurring

Now that you have separated your important section, you can blur your background to enhance your image
First, select your original background image and go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur
Then select an appropriate amount for both horizontal and vertical blur radius (it will help more to click the link button next to them)
Make sure you don't go too overboard or your image will loose it's originality (a good way to check is by zooming in on your erased borders)
If you blur (the background) too much by accident and can't go back, you can blur your separated image (a little bit) and then sharpen the entire rendered image.

Step 4: Exporting

In the end, you will be left with a more attractive image 
You can export by going to file, save as, and select as you wish
highest resolution to save would be in tiff file or png file