Introduction: How to Make a Simple Flapping Pterodactyl Toy

In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a simple, but quite pleasing toy.

It's a pteradactyl which flaps its wings as you move a straw up and down - this is based off something I saw at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, UK. A fine institution.

Things you will need:
Some paper
Something to colour your Pterodactyl in with
Some tape
A scissors
2 straws - they have to be of different widths so that one can fit inside the other

Step 1: The Pterodactyl

Find a nice picture of a pterodactyl, and colour it in to your own tastes

Step 2: Make a Hole in Your Pterodactyl

Cut a hole in the middle of your Pterodactyl by bending it slightly and using a scissors

Step 3: Preparing the Skinny Straw

Take the smaller of your two straws and split it down the centre using your scissors. This split only needs to be about a centimeter long

Step 4: Sticking the Skinny Straw to Your Pterodactyl

Put the skinny straw (which you've just cut) through the hole in your Pterodactyl.

Bend the cut sides of the skinny straw back and tape them to your dino.

Step 5: Preparing the Bigger Straw

Cut the bigger straw down so that it's smaller in length than the skinny straw (about three-quarters the length of the skinny straw would be fine). In my case that meant cutting the big straw about an inch below the bendy part of the straw. It might be different for you, obviously enough.

Then split your big straw, using your scissors, until about half way down. Then bend the now split sides of the straw back, like in the photo

Step 6: Combining the Straws

Slide your big straw down the skinny straw as far as it will go, making sure that the split end is towards the Pterodactyl

Step 7: Attaching the Wings

Finally, just put a small piece of tape connecting the ends of the straw to each wing

Step 8: Enjoying Your Pterodactyl

As you slide the big straw up and down, your Pterodactyl will flap its wings!

Simple, and endlessly amusing.