Introduction: How to Make a Stop Motion Video Using Your Phone

In this Instructable i will show you how to make a great stop motion video with no high tech software or high tech camera

Step 1: Story Boarding

Story Boarding is the first step which it may storyboarding but it vital to get the video done with little to no mistakes

You Could use a storyboarding application or just use a piece of paper

What is storyboarding: a panel or panels on which a sequence of sketches depict changes of action and scene in a planned film or stop motion

(The image shows how you want to set it up)

TIP: Remember to see what you have to use to make the video such paper, rubber bands or anything that could help

Step 2: Lighting

This is the last boring part i promice

To have a great video never use the sun as your light, this will lead to odd lighting in the background witch distracts the views of your video.

use any type of light you have thats not the sun such as the photo above for good video

TIP: For best stop motion video with no spending use a table light so you can move it close or far depending on your idea to shoot the video.

Step 3: Now Take Your Photos and Tips

Hurray! your taking photo now you earn a medal! but we ran out of those so... Sorry but here are some tips

1.Play around with the angle and don’t keep it still move around sloooowly for a more interesting movie effect.

2.When taking photos you want a still shot i recommend using a book or box the will hold your phone as you move the camera or keep it still

3.if your on a Apple Device you can hit the sound button to take photo so press that instead of the screen for less movement.

4.Check everything then double check you don’t want to mess up and restart.

if you want something to float to fly in your video i recommend rubber bands, thing string and i prefer tape because its clean and if you get the lighting right almost invisible.

(Look at the photos for good examples.)


Free apps are the best so if you don’t have money to spend use a free app to blend your video together to make photo into a video.

TIP: look how the application works the app used by my for my video at the end used a payed app that you imported photo so free ones you take photos in the app. PLEACE CHECK BEFORE if not your hard work would be wasted.

Step 5: Finished Video

Now Your Done Here is a Stop Motion Video Done By Me Hope You Like It And Give You Creative Ideas

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