Introduction: How To: Pen Gun

How to make a pen gun for desk entertainment.


G2 pen

X-Acto Knife

Step 1: Taking the Pen Apart

  1. Unscrew the two halves of the pen
  2. Using the pen cartridges to push the clicker button out of the back of the pen
  3. Tap the open end of the front half of the pen on a table to knock the spring out

Step 2: Cutting

This step requires use of X-Acto knife.

  1. Cut the grip off using the X-Acto knife
  2. Cut the cone off the front side of the pen

WARNING: Proceed with caution when using the X-Acto knife.

Step 3: Assembly

  1. Put the larger peace of the clicker button back into the bottom half of the pen
  2. Put the spring into the bottom half of the pen followed by the smaller piece (skinny side down as shown in the picture) of the clicker button
  3. Screw the top half of the pen back onto the bottom half

Side Note: If the two halves are not screwed back together the pen gun will not function properly.

Step 4: Loading and Enjoying

  1. Push pen cartridge into the pen gun until you hear a small click loading the pen gun
  2. When ready click the pen and the cartridge will shoot out

WARNING: Do not shoot towards face or eyes.