Introduction: How to Plant a Strawberry Pot With Strawberries

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I was digging through my parents over grown flower bed and found two old Terracotta Strawberry Pots and decided that I would plant  one with strawberries . Nothing better than fresh strawberries and what a decorative addition to any patio or porch. A little work and a little TLC and your on your way to fresh Strawberry Shortcakes...UMMMM.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You'll need a Strawberry Pot which you can find at any pottery house or local garden supplier. Price's vary depending on the size and type. If you already have a strawberry pot you'll save a little cash. Also you'll need a piece of PVC pipe around 11/2 in diameter and a drill with a 1/4 bit to drill the PVC pipe, several small plants for the sides(depending on how many openings are in it) and a large one for the top, slow release plant food, organic potting soil, and a wheelbarrow or a large bucket ( to mix the soil and plant food in).

Step 2: The Water Tube (PVC Pipe)

The main problem with the strawberry pots are that they don't receive an equal amount of watering, the top gets too wet and the bottom and sides too dry. So we have learned that if we insert a piece of  PVC pipe with holes drilled every inch or so and insert it into the middle of the  pot, that when we water it through the tube, water is distributed evenly throughout the planter.

Measure the Pot and cut the PVC about an inch above the top (don't worry about the part sticking up out of the pot, it will be hidden by the larger plant on top). Then drill 1/4 inch holes through it about 1 inch or so, leaving about 2-3 inches from the top not drilled. Tape the top off with duct tape so soil won't get in it while filling the pot with soil.

Step 3: Preparing the Soil

For this step you will need a wheel barrow or a large pot to prepare the soil in. Pour in enough potting mix to fill the pot and then add your slow release fertilizer. I use Osmocote Flower & Vegetable Plant Food. 1 TSB per 4 inch plant and mix it in well. Now it's time to plant.

Step 4: Planting the First Row

Place a piece of screen or pebbles in the bottom of your pot to stop the soil from seeping out during watering. Now is the time to insert the PVC pipe in the middle and fill the pot with the potting mix up to the first set of holes pushing down the soil around the pipe to keep it in the middle. Then separate your smaller strawberry plants and shake the excess dirt off the roots , trying not to damage the root system. Usually you will find out that there are two or three plants per container. Place the root end through the hole of the first row and and dirt through the top and pat down, being careful to keep the PVC pipe in the middle of the pot. Add more soil through the top till the next row.

Step 5: Planting the Next Row

Well now you pretty much have an idea of what to do with each set of holes in your pot. Just keep the soil pushed down around the roots of the plants and keep the water tube in the middle of the pot being careful not to get dirt in the tube only have two rows of holes in my pot some have more so just repeat this step over for each row until you get about 3-4 inches from the top.

Step 6: Planting the Top ( the Final Step)

Well you have made it  to the top section. Now take the large plant or several small plants and plant them on the very top.
As these plants mature , they will drape over the sides and bush out hiding the water tube and adding beauty to your finished pot.
Now find a plant stand and a sunny spot on your porch or patio and enjoy your fresh strawberries...

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