Introduction: How to Recycle a Kids Sweatshirt Into a Doggie Poop Bag Holder

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If you need a handy way to hold poop pick up bags when you`re walking you dog, follow this ìble. I`m going to show you how to recycle a kids sweatshirt into a handy dandy poop bag holder!

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Step 1: Tool and Suplies

The tools and supplies needed are pretty basic; An old sweatshirt that your kid doesn’t wear anymore, a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, a plastic snap, some kind of elastic (I used really big, old hair elastics), a crochet hook and a 15″ piece of webbing. If you don`t have webbing handy, you can subsitute with any kind of1`wide ribbon.

Step 2: Cutting the Sleeve

I used a toddler sized sweatshirt, so I needed to use the entire sleeve. If you have a bigger sweatshirt, cut of a length of sleeve that is 12″ long, with the measurement starting from the bottom of the cuff.

Step 3: Making the Hems

Turn the sleeve inside out and roll up both ends to make a hem that is about 1/2″ wide. You can pin the hems down, if you wish, but precision isn’t that important with this project.

Step 4: Sewing the Hems

Start sewing from the hem that joined the sleeve together. You want to sew your new hem down as close to the hem edge as possible. Stop sewing before you reach the sleeve joining hem. You need your "new" hem to be open so that you can string an elastic through it. Repeat this procedure to finish the other side of the sleeve

Step 5: Making the Bag Handle Part One

You can totally skip the next few steps if you don’t want to add a snap the the bag handle. I Find the snap useful to clip the bag onto the dog’s leash if my hands are full.

Make a mark on the webbing at about 6 inches and cut it in half.

Step 6: Making the Bag Handle Part Two

Attach the webbing to one side of the buckle and sew one seam across, going back and forth a few times with the reverse button to reinforce it. Repeat this for the other side of the buckle. One side will be longer than the other. Your finished handle will look like the second picture.

Step 7: Making the Bag Handle Part Three

Now it’s time to sew the handle to the bag. Place the ends of webbing together, with the snap facing downwards and attach to the bag with two separate seams. Take care not to sew over the hems that you created since we still have to add the elastics. Sew each seam back and forth a few times with the reverse button on your sewing machine to reinforce them.

Step 8: Adding the Elastic Part One

Cut a piece of elastic that is approximately 8″ long and make a knot in one end. Lift up the unsewn end of one hem & put the knotted end in the hole. Use your crochet hook to push the elastic all the way through the hem.

Step 9: Adding the Elastic Part Two

When the elastic reaches the other end, pull it through, tighten it up & knot the two strands together. Cut off the excess elastic. Repeat this for the other end.

Turn the bag right side out & stuff in some poop pick up bags. Happy poo picking!