Introduction: How to Remember Your Kid

You never know what the future will hold, but your kid is awesome, right now, so capture this time with a video.

1 - Agree on a song you both like. (hardest part)

2 - Take a bunch of footage of your kid doing fun, active stuff. This can be sports, hobbies, excercise, or just general goofing around.

3 - Also, gather a set of great pictures of you and your kid together.

4 - Open Windows Movie Maker (Free with Windows) and drag all your video and pictures in.

5 - Select all the clips and turn the video volume all the way down to mute.

6 - At the top of the screen, select Add Music, and add an MP3 or WAV file of your song.

7 - This step can take a while, depending on how perfect you want to make the fianl video. Edit all the boring stuff out of your clips, and just keep the action shots. If they are really fast, sometimes they look cooler in slow motion. Under the Video Editing tab, you can change the playback speed of each individual clip. Pictures are defaulted to 7 seconds, but that is way too long. Set them each to 3 seconds max, preferably less, to keep the action going.

7a - (optional) If you want, match the video clips to the "beat" or "flow" or the song. It is very tedious editing, but looks way cooler.

8 - Choose File/Save Project, and then File/Save Movie.

9 - Its up to you, what you do with it. Keep it your self or share it with friends and family. YouTube is a great way to ensure the video is never lost. If you don't want the world to see it, you can upload it as private or unlisted and only share with the people you want.

10 - Be happy that you have captured a great memory.

Here is my video of my Awsome Daughter!