Introduction: How to Sew a Pencilcase

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This Instructable will show you how to sew a basic, one zip pencilcase.

Depending on your sewing skills, patience and time, it may take a few hours to a day (or more).

If any extra help is needed or there's confusion in a step, please leave a comment or leave a message.

Step 1: What You Need

Step 2: Step One: Measurements and Cutting

I have chosen a 20cm (8") zip. According to the zip, the measurements of my pencilcase, would result in a 20cm x 15cm rectangle.

Therefore, I've cut out  24cm x 18 cm rectangles of cloth.

Tip: it's pretty useful to iron the pieces of material before cutting them. It also results in a cleaner and neater finish.

Step 3: Step Two: Decorating

Decorate the cloth that will be visible on the outside. You can paint, bead, embroidery and/or sew on anything you like.

For this pencilcase I have chosen to use ribbons and beads to decorate.

If you are using beads, use chalk to mark out the spacing between each bead.
If you are using robbon, rule out a line using a ruler and chalk to make sure you sew it on straight.

Do not forget to leave enought space around the sides if you are using beads or anything else where your design will be sewn inside.

Step 4: Step Three: Preparing to Sew the Zip

One of the most difficult steps!

Arrange the pieces of materials and use pins to hold them in place. Then do a basic stitch to attach the pieces. This is to ensure the pieces don't slide out when sewing using the sewing machine.

Refer to the notes on the image to see my setup. In my case, I used two pieces of white cloth. You can use as little or as many as you like. Although if you're already using canvas/upholstery material, it isn't necessary.

Step 5: Step Four: Sewing the Zip

This is one of the most difficult tasks!

Sew one side of the zip. Sew the zip on opened. Keep this in mind: the foot of the sewing machine might need to be changed to one that's for sewing zips on, especially if the zip is buldgy.

Now sew on the other side!

Step 6: Step Five: Sewing the Bottom of the Pencilcase

Use pins if preferred and then by hand, sew the bottom edge together. Then, using the machine, sew twice.

Step 7: Step Six: Sewing Up the Other Sides

You can chooses to use pins and/or do basic stitches or straight away sew the sides on the sewing machine.
Turn the pencilcase inside out. If the inner layers are showing, adjust the stitches/pins/just sew over it.

Step 8: Step Seven: Tidying Thr Edges

Use scissors to cut the excess material If you have acess to an overlocker, you can overlock the edges. If not, you can also sew around the sides the keep it neat and stop the material from fraying.

Step 9: Step Eight: Finish!

Turn the pencilcase inside out and admire your handiwork!