Introduction: How to Take the Best Pictures + Edit

You see some photographers for fashion designs, nature or just on people?
What you should think throughout this piece is "how did they become a photographer professional?"
Now, you're going to find out.
Ever heard of Zach King? - world-wide famous movie editor? Hey he started with photography but then moved onto movie editing.
Every photographer made their way to fame..
Soon you're going to be one of them by just learning simple things
And hey I don't blame you if you don't think photographers don't edit their pictures, but they do.

Step 1: Angle Is Important Too

In math, once you learn about Angles, you HAVE to pay attention... It's used in photography too.
If you don't pay attention to angles, I'll give you some examples: obtuse, right, acute, etc.
That's just the beginning...
Now let's actually talk about angles. Okay so, I sorta make up my own angles in photography, but every angel is the same. You have a choice of which angle you can use in photography, you can either take a picture on the north, northeast, east, eastsouth, south, southwest, and west. I prefer from the south up. Try to move your camera around right now, to see which angle you like, but don't snap a picture just yet, there's more...

Step 2: Just Add a Little Bit of Focus With That

Focus is when your hand doesn't move and you keep your hand still, I recommend getting a tripod for your camera, it's not that much money anyways! Every school has one! A tripod can keep the camera still and you can adjust the legs (size ) of the tripod! Sureeee, a tripod is used for making videos. Hah, who said it isn't for taking pictures too?
Take my advice, trust me. Unless you can stay perfectly still then you don't need a tripod. If there's movement when taking a picture, it will surely become blurry.

Step 3: Who Said Where You're Standing Isn't Important

Your position where your standing is important to your angle. Let's say your in a living room and you're standing near the flowers and the couch was on the side, you're taking pictures of the couch. Then the picture would have a good side angle of the couch if you lower it a little bit, it'll look a little dramatic. Standing in a position is like a view, so let's call it a view. Now take a look at the Photos above. They all have a different perspective and they're all edited. Guess what?
We're going to get to that next.

Step 4: Introducing Editing + Editing Sheriff

Howdy, editing sheriff here! He-haw! Ain't that photography author was sure he-haw howdy boring, wasn't she? Oh I get really sick of her boredom... Hey at least I'm more FUN, shhh don't tell photography author! That's a really odd name eh? Okay sooo here ye here ye, y'all don't know anything about editing? Oh buccaneers! Y'all got sooo much to learn. Now here comes me buccaneer friend editor!

Hi, I may not have an accent like editing sheriff, but I'm the editor, but call me Ed. Okay so editing is basically beautifying it... If you want more info on editing go to my other instructable: Instagram photography editor, follow me for up to date posts. But I may not have introduced editing in the best way so I'm going to do it in a fancy way, say hi to "Ze Bri-ton Sam"

Hi I'm Ze bri-ton Sam, some dudette paid me money to be here. She said to introduce you about editing in a Ze fãncy way. So, edítîng is where you find mistakes in your pictūre and change it with a spēcific tōōl on the app...

Step 5: Tips

These are not just any tips, these are tips that you don't know, even the pros won't even tell you, now you find out. I found out the odd way, the awkward way.. The weirdest way ever..
By looking them up.. Some I looked up and some I didn't.
Truth be told: use full stops for ISO,
Shoot with three in mind ( magic number for photography )
Keep filters close
Remove protective filters when shooting at night
Block the viewfinder

Step 6: Tricks

There's one special trick of all that you should know.
What is that one trick you really wonder?
Answer is...
(Drumroll please)
Lightning (lights setting)

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