Introduction: How to Turn Your Dog Into a "Corn Dog" for Halloween

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Back again with another dog costume instructable! This time i'm making a corn cob costume for Jersey! I'll be posting a few more doggie costumes this month on my DIY pet blog Bloggie Stylish. I'm entering this costume in the Halloween contest, so if you like this 'ible, please vote! I'm coveting that sewing machine!!!

The only regret that I have with making this costume is that I didn't use interfacing on the back of the leaves to make them stiffer. Interfacing is pretty cheap and you can get fusible stuff that sticks to the fabric with some ironing.

FYI - Like any piece of dog clothing, supervise your dog when it is wearing this costume. Before you go out on Halloween with your dog, practice wearing the costume and walking with it on. That way you'll BOTH have a fun Halloween!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

This costume was a little more pricey than the last costume I did with the grapes , everything cost about $25. You'll need craft foam balls, yellow spray paint, velcro, spray adhesive (heavy duty), an exacto knife, a marking pen, pinking shears (the ones that cut zig zags, and yellow and green broadcloth.

Step 2: Measuring Your Dog

Your need three measurements from your dog.
1- shoulder blades to the begining of the rumo
2 - the middle of the chest to the begining of the back leg
3 - chest circumference.

Yeah, I know that Jersey looks impressed....

Step 3: Cutting the Foam Balls

To give the appearance of corn niblets, take an exacto knife & *carefully* cut the balls in half. Take great care that the knife doesn't slip and cut you!

Step 4: Preparing the Half Circles for Spraying

Spread out newspapers on a flat surface and place the foam balls on it, flat side down.

Step 5: Painting the Half Circles

Open a window, start a fan or whatever. Just ensure that you have good ventilation. Spray paint gets pretty smelly and gives off some serious fumes! Give the foam a good coat of yellow paint and let them dry for a good hour or so.

Step 6: Measuring the Yellow Cloth

You're now going to measure and cut the yellow cloth for the "corn" part. From the fold of the fabric, measure 1/3 of the circumference measurement that you got. jersey was 30 inches , so I marked off 10 inches. Take the back measurement and mark that off along the fold of the fabric, starting from the front end of the fabric, Jersey was 13 inches. Now cut it within the measurements that you have made.

Step 7: Cutting the Belly Straps

Cut two 3" wide straps by 8" to 12", depending on your dog's size. I used the pinking shears so that the fabric won't fray.

Step 8: Measuring & Cutting Out the Corn Leaves

Take your side measurement & make a measurement starting from the begining of the fabric. This is how long your leaf will be. Trace any corn-like leaf pattern that you wish. Cut it out with the pinking shears which will keep the fabric from fraying and it will make the leaf look more leaf-like.

Step 9: Adding Velcro to the Leaves

Now it's time to attach the velcro. Cut two 2" squares and place them on the leaves. I just stapled them down, but you can sew them down, if you wish. If you are going to staple down the velcro, make sure that the part of the staple that curves over is IN the "sticky" parts of the velcro. This way it won't rub against your dog's coat causing possible irritation.

Step 10: Pinning the Costume Together

Put the leaves together and place the yellow fabric over your dog's back. Now pin the leaves to the yellow fabric. Be careful not to stick your dog with the pins! Take off the costume and pin the belly straps to the yellow fabric.

Step 11: Sewing the Belly Straps

Sew each belly strap in a box pattern with a line through it. This reinforces the sewing.

Step 12: Sewing the Leaves Part One

Sew a seam about 1 inch away from the edge of the green fabric, joining the yellow and green together.

Step 13: Sewing the Leaves Part Two

Flip the fabric over the sew another seam about 1 inch away from the end of the yellow fabric. Repeat steps 12 & 13 for the other leaf. When you are done all your sewing, trim all the loose threads.

Step 14: Adding Velcro to the Belly Straps

Now it's time to add the velcro to the belly straps. Lay your costume out flat and extend the straps flat out. Take your chest circumference, add 2 inches and measure it out on the belly straps. For Jersey I measured 32 inches. Make marks & cut the excess fabric. Cut a good three inches of velcro & attach them to opposite sides of the straps. You can staple or sew, it's your choice. If you are going to staple, remember that the curved ends of the staples should go into the "sticky" sides of the velcro.

Step 15: Gluing the Foam Half Circles

Place the costume coat on newspaper. This part is probably the messiest! You have to take each individual half circle and spray it with a good amount of glue. Now place the half circle, flat side down on the yellow fabric. Repeat this until all the yellow fabric is covered with "niblets". The glue now needs to dry, I just placed it over an open box. A good hour to dry will suffice.

If you need a stronger attachment for the foam half circles, you can take a thick thread and darning needle and sew the half circles to the fabric.

So that's it, that's all. You now have your very own "corn dog" for halloween!

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