Introduction: How to Win Flappy Bird Every Time

Flappy Bird, an inexplicably popular game, is though by many to also be impossibly hard. But, they are all wrong. With this guide your days of scoring less then 100 are over. A platinum medal will be nothing compared to te scores you will be achieving.

Step 1: Get in the Right Mindset

It is important to find a nice quiet place to play. You would be surprised at the difference it can make. Try to play when stress free and relaxed. Playing with anyone peeking over your shoulder will dramatically decrease your performance. Make sure you are comfortable. Stretch and itch so you don't find the urge to before you play.

Step 2: Start Flapping

When the game begins, try to flap only when necessary and keep your bird on the middle of the screen before the first pipe

Step 3: The Pipes

Imagine a line level with the lip of the first pipe. Jump when you are about 1 centimeter above this line. Continue until you are through the first pipe. I the next pipe is below you, fall until you are about 1.5 centimeters above the lip and then jump. If the next pipe is higher, quickly jump till you are 2 centimeters above the lip then fall back to .5-1 cm above it. Continue to jump 1 cm above the imaginary line until you have made it through. Do not jump on the imaginary line once you are through the pipe. Start focusing on the next one.

Step 4: The Big Drops

When encountering a big drop, try to jump as close to the left side of the pipe as possible, so you don't hit he top of the next pipe. Once falling, jump almost beneath the lip of the next pipe. Then go 1 cm above.

Step 5: Practice

Practice makes perfect. Try to keep your eyes off of your score while playing, and keep out other distractions. Don't get too excited about a new high score until after you die. Sometimes you will continue a long way past your old score, so stay calm. Get comfortable playing on multiple devices, and soon you can start setting high scores for friends and coworkers.

Step 6: 100+

After mastering the basic techniques, you will find yourself scoring high above 100. To achieve this you need time to play. Use the restroom and make sure your schedule is clear and your device has plenty of battery. I have scored 515 but my device shut down and didn't save the score. Each round an take several minutes of concentrated playing time.

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