Introduction: How Make a Hand Singed Felt Flower Hair Pin

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This is a very unique technique that I personally love. 

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It basically means to burn the edges of the felt so it curls and gets a more natural shape. I'm gonna show you how to do it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

 This is what you'll need to make this flower:

-Piece of felt
-Felt Glue (Magna Tac or UHU)
-Candle and matches
-A tool to hold the felt while it burns (something metal)

Step 2: Method

 1. Cut three circles from your felt sheet.

2. Starting with the biggest, hold it with your tool over the fire. Make sure to not actually tough the fire. Hold it close enough so the heat will burn the edges only. Once the felt gets hot, it'll start to melt and pull towards the fire, that's exactly what you want. The edges will look black now. 

3. Repeat step two with all three pieces. 

4. Put them one on top of the other, with the biggest one on the bottom. Then glue all the pieces and the bead, as shown in the pictures.

5. Glue the flower to the hair pin. 

Step 3: Final Product

It should look similar to the one in the picture below. You can do this too by using the stove instead of a candle. Both methods work well.

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