Introduction: How to 80s-ify Your Geek T-shirt

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I'm both a conference junkie and a Googler, so I get *a lot* of free and geeky t-shirts, and they're typically a bit on the big size and not really my style. Instead of using them to decorate my walls or scrub my bathroom, I usually "80s-ify" them - cut them up so they fit my body better, and look just a wee bit on the punk side. 

Step 1: Acquire Free T-shirt

I typically ask for an adult medium from the conference registration booth, and that's what this one is from Pycon AU. It's okay for it to be a bit on the baggy side, as that is how the 80s rolled. (In addition to rolling with skintight rainbow spandex, which we'll save for a later lesson). 

Step 2: Cut the Collar

I like to show off my collar bone, so I start cutting a few inches away from the collar, then graze the collar in the center, and end cutting a few inches away from the other side. Just make sure to check the back to see if you need to take special care to avoid cutting a URL in something in half - you can always cut the front and back separately if necessary. 

Step 3: Cut the First Sleeve

I cut diagonally from the top to the bottom, slanting inwards, so the end result is like what they call a "cape sleeve". 

Step 4: Cut the Second Sleeve

I sometimes overlay the cutout from the first sleeve to ensure symmetry, but I often don't care and just cut with wild abandon. :) 

Step 5: Twist Sleeves Around Your Wrists

They typically wrap around 3 times, but that varies depending on the fabric and the age. I bet you feel like a rock star already, don't you? 

Step 6: Wear the Shirt

The outfit is complete, punk-inspired, and color-coded, to boot!