Introduction: How to Backcomb: Stage 1 for Creating Synthetic Dreadlocks

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Ready to learn the basics for creating your own synthetic dreads? In this video Doc will show you how to backcomb, the cornerstone for any successful synth dread style!

For this tutorial you will need:

Ready? Lets get started on Stage 1 of the dread process!

Step 1: Secure

Secure the fiber to your work surface. Pick up the fiber with one hand and the comb in the other.

Step 2: Comb

Start by using medium size sweeping strokes and push into the fiber. Continue working from the base of the dread to the tips. With every pass, push a little more aggressively into the fiber.

Step 3: Test

Test for consistency by running your hand down the length of the dread and check for any holes or bumps, if found backcomb over those ares. Check for stability by holding your dread upright, if it stands on its own you're ready to move on to stage 2 of the dreading process!