Introduction: How to Bead Your Purse Handles

About: I'm a self-taught artsy couture handbag designer who learned how to make purses to display my painted artwork. I share my simple techniques by way of my video tutorials.

Beaded purse handles are simple to make and are handy design elements when you are looking to change the look of your handbag without changing the bag. The quickest and the easiest way to improve the look and value of your purse is to use a decorative purse handle. For DIY enthusiasts this is just another way to express creativity as well as to put your own personal stamp on a project. The steps are simple and the beads can range from plain to ornate; store bought to hand crafted. Follow these simple steps to create your handle today.

Step 1: Materials for Beading Your Purse Handle

You will not require many elements to put your handle together but it will make the process very easy if you have the right element handy. For this project you will need your:

  • Wire purse handle
  • An assortment of beads with relatively large holes
  • Jewelry size flat head screw driver (optional)

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Step 2: Beaded Handle Frames

Choose your handle frame. These come in several sizes so you’re not limited to using a one-size-fits-all handle. The metal handle frames can come pre-beaded but that takes the fun out of selecting your beads and making up your own design. A big plus is that you can get the ready-made handle wires in several finishes. The most popular finishes being nickel and gold. Another benefit to these fabulous handles is the variety of ways you can attach the handles to your handbag.

Step 3: Flexible Purse Handle Installation

Depending on your purse design you may wish to install two handles rather than one on your purse. Loop end tips are particularly useful for two handle installations. Of course the consideration you must take in mind is when doubling your materials you are also doubling the cost of your beaded handles. If increasing the cost in this way is burdensome then consider using a nice quality but less expensive group of beads such as wood, plastic or acyllic to balance the cost of your handles.

Step 4: Watch How to Assemble a Beaded Purse Handle

To assemble your purse handle frame you will need to screw off one of the lower attachments then add your beads. Watch the video to see how its done.