Introduction: How to Block on Facebook, Fast!

Let's face it: Facebook is full of Trolls. And worse.

So you block somebody, and Facebook sends you to your list of blocked Trolls, as a typical passive-aggressive punishment.

That's annoying. Why would I like to look at those names?


So here's a devious trick to avoid that annoyance.

Step 1: 1 Spot the Troll

So you've spotted a Troll.

Begin by hiding his/her comment.

Step 2: Then, Write a Fake Comment...

Now, you write a fake Comment, could be just an asterisk, or a comma, WITHOUT POSTING IT!

Step 3: NOW, Block

Now you can block.

As your "comment" is pending, not posted, something funny occurs...

Step 4: So It's Blocked

Now, it's blocked, but Facebook is hung up on your "comment".

Step 5: Stay on This Page!

...So a message comes along asking you if "you want to leave this page".

DON'T leave, stay on that page, continue to go trough Facebook. Simple!

The post you've blocked is still there, until you hit "home", but you've just escaped going to another page and back.