Introduction: How to Boo a Neighbor for Halloween

Happy Halloween 👻 so for this activity you need a device any kind

Then go on the App Store and search up the app Pinterest

Because in this activity you need the app Pinterest! So. Please

Get the app


An app called Pinterest and markers tape A Halloween bucket and a printer

Step 1: Go on Pinterest and Search Up You Have Been Booed

Step 2: Print It

Step 3: Go Back on Pinterest and Type in the Same Thing and Look for a Happy Halloween Sign Printable

Step 4: Print It

Step 5: Draw a Pumpkin

Step 6: Draw More Pumpkins How Much Rooms Do You Have?

Step 7: 6 Rooms? Draw 5 More!

Step 8: At Nigth Time When Your Whole Fam Is a Sleep Well Not You But Color Every Thing and Tape the Pic That You Printed to You Mom and Dads Room

Step 9: Get Your Halloween Put Candy and Halloween Toys in It Put T by the Door

Step 10: When Your Fam Wakes Up I Bet They Will Be So Happy Plus They Won’t Even Know You Did It

Step 11: Enjoy Have a Great Halloween!

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