Introduction: How to Boullion Tabs on Vectornator

A short tutorial on how to add tabs to objects on Vectornator.


Just the Vectornator app.

Step 1: Create the Square

So, first off, you’re going to need a square. Make sure it’s the size that you want.

Step 2: Make Your Tab

Create a smaller square, one that is much smaller than the original square.

Step 3: Aligning the Tab

Drag the tab to the square, and make sure it’s flush with the bigger square.

Step 4: Selection

Select the “Select” tool (mouse pointer looking thing), and select all of the squares on screen.

Step 5: Boolean Time

Now that everything’s selected, you’re going to want to boolean everything together. Look at the top right corner, and select the linked squares. Under “Boolean,” select the second option. And there ya go! One tab!