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I decided to build for my son Airplane Wall Shelf. Using only recycled raw materials. I took the wooden boards from an old dresser that kept its trees, the wheels I took from a car on an old sign, the proflor I took from an old industrial fan and the result is amazing!!! I chose the color "Red Ferrari" because in my opinion this is the most seductive color for this type of project. Of course you can use other colors like yellow or blue for example. Dear friends I have invested a lot in this work, please tell me in the comments what do you think is important to me.

Measurements: Length - 160 mm Height - 55 mm Depth - 20 mm

Watch the video on my YouTube channel:

Step 1:

In the first stage I cut 4 equal pieces of wooden boards 70 cm long and 20 cm wide, and for each bracket I made a cut on the edge of a sharp triangle to simulate the edge of the plane wings

Step 2:

In the second stage I cut two more pieces of smaller wooden boards, they will be used to support the upper wings of the aircraft

Step 3:

In the third stage, I connect all the boards together to create the look of an entire aircraft. Notice how I build support for the upper wings by creating a support frame

Step 4:

In the fourth step, I assemble the two extra panels of the upper wings into the support frame I created earlier

Step 5:

Now you can see the almost perfect shape of the wings of the aircraft. Nice isn't it?

Step 6:

This stage is the easiest. The coloring stage. It was really easy because I used a paint gun and so I finished painting on all the wings in less than 3 minutes

Step 7:

At this point I assemble the cockpit of the aircraft, here I used recycled materials I found in my workshop. To create the cockpit I needed a hose, a single-phase engine cover and an old fan propeller

Step 8:

After creating the cockpit, it was time to connect it to the fuselage

Step 9:

A plane is not a plane without its wheels, I took the wheels from a car on an old sign and connected them with a screw rod

Step 10:

I tried to explain as much as possible, but to better understand the process of construction I recommend watching the video fully. Must say that the construction process was fun and my son really liked this piece.

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