Introduction: How I Made a War Hammer - Look What I Did to Him

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I built a Viking-style war hammer, and closed it with a glass box with the caption "BREAK GLASS IN CASE YOU ARE ANGRY" and turned this thing into a very unique decorative item. What do you think? Where would you hang it?

Step 1: First Stage - Building the Hammer Head

In the first step to create the hammer head I took a 100 mm iron profile and cut it according to the dimensions in the attached picture.

Step 2: Second Stage - Cutting

At this point I cut the profile in the marked places

Step 3: Third Stage - the Bending

After cutting it is time to perform the bending, I fix the profile I cut with clamps, and bend the desired places with the help of hammer blows

Step 4: Fourth Stage - Welding and Grinding

Now we will be left to close the hole with a 6X6 size iron plate and of course weld all the connections into one piece. After welding, all welds must be sharpened to a smooth and even surface.

Step 5: Fifth Step - an Old Hammer Effect

Next drill a hole in the hammer basses to later insert the intended wooden handle. We then paint the hammer with black spray paint. After complete drying of the paint we will sand the base of the hammer with a sander until we get a texture of old and wrought iron

Step 6: Step Six - Wooden Handle for the Hammer

For the wooden handle to take a wooden stick of earth hammer, I cut the size I need. I then attached it to the base of the hammer

Step 7: Step Seven - Decorate the Handle

To give the hammer handle a more dramatic look I used a leather cord to decorate the handle.

Step 8: Step Eight - Building the Hammer Cabinet

The construction of the cabinet is quite simple, I built a box that would fit exactly to the dimensions of the hammer and allow it to fit inside easily.

Step 9: Ninth Step - Hanging a Closet on the Wall

At this point I hung the cabinet on the wall in my workshop, then inserted the hammer into it.

Step 10: The Final Step - Closing the Closet

Now that the floor is in place, it's time to close the closet with glass, on the glass I pasted a sticker that says "BREAK GLASS IN CASE YOU ARE ANGRY"

Dear friends, with their love for my project, please go to my YouTube channel and like the construction video, as well as with my instructions in this guide, you can enter my YouTube channel to watch the construction process more clearly.

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