Introduction: How to Build a Compost Barrel

Today I will tell you how to make a compost barrel. It's really easy, you just need 3 thing. A Frame, a Place to Put Your Compost barrel , and a Barrel . Oh and also a saw, a drill, some nuts and bolts, some screws,some PVC pipes, some wood, two hinges, and one lock. Plus four wheels and lastly, compost.

Step 1: You Will Need a Frame

First, what you'll need is a saw, a drill, and some screws, and wood. You need to measure your barrel width and length to cut the wood to that size. When your done cutting it, you'll need to put together the wood into a frame. Then, you will need to put the wheels in the four corners as shown in the image shown above. When your done place your frame where you want your barrel to be, so you can place your barrel on top of it.

Step 2: A Barrel .

Next, you'll need your barrel, your saw (again) and your drill. Find where your going to cut your door on the barrel and mark it, same with where your going to put your hinges and lock. Cut/drill it out and install them in. Also mark/cut/install your pvc pipes as shown in the second photo. You will also need drill holes all around your barrel, just not to big for the compost to come out. Plus, wash your barrel once your done with all your marking/cutting/ and installing. Now you can place your barrel wherever you put your frame.

Step 3: That All Folks

That's all, now get going to built it, if you want.