Introduction: How to Build a Knex Ice Cream Cone

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This tutorial is about how to build an ice cream cone out of Knex.


Y-connector - 1
Micro-attachers - 2
Micro 4 connectors - 5
Yellow rods - 2
Micro yellow rods - 6

Step 1: Building the Base

We will be building the base of the ice cream now, get ready!

1: Get these pieces.
2: Put these on.
3:Attach micro connectors.

Step 2: The Curve --- Part 1

Now we'll build the curve at the top of the ice cream.

1: Get these...
2: Put pieces on like this.

Step 3: The Curve -- Part 2

1: Get these
2: Put together
3: Attach step 1 and 2; Top of cone completed.

Step 4: Assembling

Now, to assemble!

Attach the ends of the micro rods to the connectors, and there - Chocolate swirl ice cream!