Introduction: How to Make Knex Crutches

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Welcome back, my fans! I had not had the idea for these, but I will be giving you instructions. My sister built them.
Note:If you want 2 crutches repeat actions twice.



Step 1: Parts List

5 blue rods
8 gray rods
2 blue 3D connectors
2 3D gray connectors
8 yellow connectors
This is for 1 crutch. Double each item for 2 crutches.

Step 2: The Bottom

Follow Image Notes...

Step 3: 2nd Layer

Follow. Image. Notes.

Step 4: 3rd Layer


Step 5: Top

Follow.Image.Notes After the last picture, attach the top to step 1, 2, and 3.

Step 6: Finished

You are now finished, build twice if nessecary.