How to Make the Snap Circuits Mega Circuit

Introduction: How to Make the Snap Circuits Mega Circuit

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Welcome back! this is knexguy52 presenting a master creation: The Snap Circuits Mega circuit!


Snap circuits Pro kit

Step 1: The Board

You will need a 7 x 10 board to make this. Look carefully.

Step 2: The Battery Box

Pay attention to image notes.

Step 3: Number + Speaker

Follow image notes

Step 4: Number Circuit

Follow image notes

Step 5: The Meter

Follow image notes

Step 6: Quadruple Connection

Follow image notes

Step 7: Two Resistors

Follow image notes

Step 8: Amplifier and Volume

Follow image notes. This is where some people will have to back down.

Step 9: Lights

Follow image notes

Step 10: A Last Few Things

Follow image notes

Step 11: Finished!

Turn the s1 on and set the meter to low and change the rv to do stuff. You are ✅!

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