Introduction: How to Build a Modern Cat Condo With Wood Crates

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My grandchildren have a kitten and had been asking for a cat condo/tower/tree for her so we did a little research and settled on a Pinterest idea and designed our kitty condo with that idea in mind.

As we were working out the design, we decided simple was better. We decided we'd use "found" materials rather than going out and buying new materials. It was fun to gather items and see if they'd make it into the final design.


Here's what we used:

  • Wood Crate (leftover from another project)
  • Wine Box (yard sales)
  • Wood Tray (thrift store, yard sales)
  • 2x4 (purchased and not used from another project)
  • Carpet (leftover from previous carpet install)
  • Velcro (from craft supply stash)
  • Screws (we always have a variety of sizes on hand)
  • Metal peel and stick tiles (free samples)
  • Scrap wood 1/2” dowel
  • Scrap 1/2” tabletop (a piece of plywood would work)
  • Cat scratching post that was headed for the trash as the base broke off

This is what we bought:

  • Spray paint
  • Everbilt Sisal Rope 1/2” x 50’
  • Rope Monkey Fist Knot (Target Dollar Spot)
  • Varathane Briarsmoke Wood Stain

Step 1: Yes, There's a Video--please Take a Look!

Step 2: Planning and Material Prep

Once we had gathered all our materials it was time to decide how to best use them. The size of the base and the crates really determined the direction of the build. Once we had a general idea of where things would fit, everything was sanded and spray painted to give all the different materials a cohesive look.

Step 3: Time to Assemble

While the pieces were drying, we started the assembling process by prepping the carpet we were going to use to line the crates as well as to put on top of the wine box that will serve as cat toy storage. We hot glued sisal rope around the edges to give the carpet a finished look and to help the carpet from fraying. We used Velcro to secure it in place. We wanted it removable.

Next, we assembled the remaining parts which required lots of glue, screws, and clamps. The video shows all the various steps in this process. We added some sample tiles to the top tray which ended being a good idea as we think the kitty liked the cool temperature of them.

We enlisted the help of my grandsons to hot glue the rope to the 2x4 and to work on the carpet squares.

Step 4: Introduce Your Kitty to His or Her New Home

We allow the kitty to explore the cat condo on her terms and she likes it!

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