Introduction: How to Build a Simple Lego House (For Children 8+)

WARNING: Choking Hazard- small parts. Not for children under 3 years of age.

These instructions were written for a child’s (8+) use. Adults can use these instructions, but may find the task to be rather simple. The user should be able to build the house using the materials listed under the supplies section. This task should take a child 15-20 minutes to complete; an adult will be able to complete it in less than 10 minutes.


1 - Lego Door

1- 16x16 thin square base block

4- 8x8 thin square base blocks

12 - 2x2 Lego Bricks

6 - 2x8 Lego Bricks

16 - 2x6 Lego Bricks

36 - 2x4 Lego Bricks

1 - Lego Person (optional)

Step 1:

Starting with the thin 16x16 thin base block, place a 2x4 brick horizontally on each corner of the base.

Step 2:

Place one 2x2 (square) brick beside one of the previously placed 2x4 bricks

Step 3:

Place another 2x2 (square) brick beside the other 2x4 brick, leaving a 2x4 space in between the blocks. This space will be used for the door of the house.

Step 4:

Place the Lego door piece in between the two 2x2 square bricks.

Step 5:

Stack the remaining 2x2 square blocks on each side of the Lego door, such that the door frame structure is now six(6) blocks in height.

Step 6:

Place five(5) of the 2x4 blocks on top of each of the corner pieces that were constructed in step 1. The house should now have a completed front side (where the door is located), as well as two completed pillars in the back of the structure.

Step 7:

Now it is time to complete the back wall of the house. Stack the six 2x8 bricks and place them in between the back pillars constructed in step 6.

Step 8:

Now it is time to construct the side walls of the Lego house. Start by placing two of the 2x6 blocks on each side of the side walls as a base.

Step 9:

Continue building up the side walls by placing the remaining 2x6 blocks on top of the side wall bases, until each side wall is four(4) blocks in height.

Step 10:

To give the walls more structural integrity, place the remaining 2x4 blocks on top of the 2x6 blocks such that the walls are now six(6) blocks in height in order to complete the side walls of the Lego house.

Step 11:

The house should now have four(4) completed walls, with each wall (including the front of the house) measuring six(6) blocks in height.

Step 12:

The house is nearly complete! The final step is to construct the roof. Place one of the thin 8x8 square base blocks on top of one of the corners of the house.

Step 13:

Repeat step 12 until all four of the 8x8 thin base blocks are now covering the entirety of the house.

Step 14: Conclusion

The Lego house is now complete and ready to be enjoyed by the Lego person!