Introduction: How to Build a Simple Security Camera Safe

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Cameras, they seem to be everywhere these days. They are so ubiquitous that the eye sometimes simply fails to notice them. I pass by at least one or two cameras every time I walk the hallways from one class to another. Big Brother is always watching. Some people chose to become invisible or fail to do so, but why not take advantage of these ever present cameras? In this Instructable, I will show you how to modify a Dummy Security Camera with Blinking LED into a secret safe for your valuables. Not only will this deter crime on your property, but what criminal will search a security camera for valuables? As an additional bonus, simply add a logbook and you'll have geocachers scratching their heads in no time!

Step 1: Materials.

First thing's first, you are going to need ThinkGeeks's Dummy Security Camera with Blinking LED. It's only slightly essential to this project.

While you are waiting for the camera to arrive, drive down to the local hardware store and pick up these supplies:
  • A few 5mm and 4mm screws; it never hurts to have some extra just in case. You will need two 4mm and one 5mm screw for this project.
  • Two 4mm nuts.
  • One 5mm nut.
  • Two 4mm washers.
  • A metal baseplate.
  • 5 and 4mm taps.
  • A #30 and #19 drill bit.
  • Optional- Velcro.
  • Optional- additional screws.

There you are, sitting on the couch, eyes glazed over, half watching an all day Dirty Jobs marathon. Suddenly, just as Mike Rowe obtains a mouth full sewage, your dog lets out a startled Woof! Ears perked, head tilted, she listens intently. Slowly, she gets up, then bolts to the door. Her initial woof escalated to rapid barks. Could it be? It is! The delivery truck! You accept the package and open it with mounting excitement. After what seemed like months, years even, it's here. Now we can proceed.

Step 2: Attaching the Baseplate.

Using a pen or a pencil, trace the two holes on the bottom of the mount where you want to attach it to the baseplate. Using your #19 drill bit, drill a 4mm hole through each marking. Thread the newly drilled holes with the 4mm tap. Be sure to thread on the way in and out. Firmly screw the mount onto the baseplate using the 4mm screws.

Step 3: Moving the Mount.

You will need to move the mount from underneath the camera to the back, freeing up the pre-existing threaded hole. This allows the thumbscrew to secure both the inner and outer casing of the camera. To move the mount, remove the original screw and trace the hole where you want the mount to be attached. Drill through this mark using the #30 drill bit, taking care when you are close to punching through. Thread the newly formed hole with the 5mm tap, again remembering to thread as you pull out. Replace the original screw and firmly screw the mount onto the back of the camera.

Step 4: Finishing Up.

Secure the 5mm screw on the inside of the camera with a 5mm nut, along with the two 4mm screws on the baseplate, using 4mm nuts. Flip the baseplate over and trim off any excess length of screw using the router tool, taking extra care with the thumbscrew. Only trim off small amounts at a time, you can always reduce more length, but you can never regain what you cut off. Lastly, screw in that final thumbscrew, step back, admire your handiwork, and think of all the criminals you just fooled. Someone deserves a cookie.

*A note on placement: As a safe, this security camera is best kept indoors facing a corridor or doorway. This avoids the possibility of someone glancing your way and spotting that $25,000 diamond as you place it into the safe.

Step 5: Optional, Geocache!

If you plan to turn this into a geocache, you will more than likely want to make the camera easy to attach and remove without damaging the building. This is where the velcro comes in. Snip the heads off of four screws and glue them into the four corner holes of the baseplate. This creates the illusion that the camera is firmly screwed into the surface it is mounted on. Finally, place the velcro along the inside of the baseplate and along the surface you wish to attach it to. Congratulations, you've just become a devious cache hider!

  • Another note on placement: As a geocache, feel free to place this cache outside. However, it would be best if the camera is sheltered from direct rainfall, etc.

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