How to Build a Snow Globe

Introduction: How to Build a Snow Globe



-Tree Ornament

-Glitter (2 tablespoons per globe) (silver or white glitter works best)

-Clear glue (2 oz per globe)

-Warm water (2 cups per globe)

-Mason jar Spoon

-Glue gun (1 glue stick)

Step 1: Wash Mason Jar Thoroughly and Pat Dry.


Step 2: Heat Up Hot Glue Gun, and Add Glue Stick If Needed.


Step 3: Using the Glue Gun, Begin to Place Glue on the Bottom of Your Tree Ornament While Securing It on the Inside of Mason Jar Lid. Set Aside to Dry.


Step 4: Add 2 Oz of Clear Glue Inside of Mason Jar.


Step 5: Add 2 Cups of Warm Water Into Mason Jar or Until It Reaches the Rim.


Step 6: Stir Mixture Generously With a Spoon. Dry Spoon.


Step 7: Add 2 Tablespoons of Glitter Into Mason Jar Then, Repeat Step 6.


Step 8: Take the Mason Jar Lid With Ornament Attachment Face Down, and Line It Evenly With the Top Rim of the Jar.


Step 9: Take the Outer Mason Jar Lid Piece. Seal Jar Tightly, for Leak Free Add Glue Around Lid Seal. Wait for Glue to Dry.


Step 10: Shake and Enjoy the Winter Wonderland!


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    2 years ago

    super fun use for a mason jar!