Introduction: How to Build a Water Powered Rocket

About: We will design, build, program, and launch water powered rocket with a sensitive payload to max height and return it safely to Earth.

For our rocket we used

  • 3 Sprite Bottles (For our three bottles it doesn't matter what you use but we used 2 2L bottles and 1 1L bottle.)
  • 3 Foam Treys
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Sponge
  • Trash Bag
  • Fishing Line
  • Arduino
  • Scissors
  • Box Knife
  • Super Glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Duct Tape
  • Yarn

Step 1: Building

First, we cut one of the 2L bottles at the bottom of the flat middle section(where the wrapper is). We cut in the same place for the 1L bottle and left the 2L bottle alone. Next we got three styrofoam treys and cut one into the shape of the fin that we wanted. After that we traced the fin and made two more. After that we hot glued the fins to the flat part of the bottle (Fill bottle with cold water so hot glue doesn't melt the bottle).

Step 2: Arduino Protection

To protect the Arduino we used bubble wrap and a small piece of sponge. In the 2L bottle that we cut in half we covered the inside of the bottle (where the flat part was) in super glue and covered it with bubble wrap. In the top nozzle of the 2L bottle that we cut we also put a sponge and just squeezed it in the nozzle so it wouldn't move. On the the flat bottom of the bottle with the fins we also put glue and bubble wrap. In the 1L bottle we cut we made a parachute out of a trash bag we cut into a circle and poked holes throughout the outside of the circle. Then we put the fishing line through the bag and tied it into a knot

Step 3: Parachute

To further protect the Arduino we used a parachute. We made two parachutes then stacked them.

For the first parachute (bottom parachute) we got a trash bag and cut it into a circle. After this we poked holes around the outside of the parachute and stuck yarn though the holes and zip tied the yarn so it would stay. Then for the ends of yarn we wrapped duct tape around it and and made a ball of duct tape we could put in the nozzle part of the protection section of the rocket.

For the small parachute we did the same thing except made the circle smaller and used fishing line instead of thread. We did not zip tie the small parachute. We tied the ends into a knot and attached it to the big one using tap.

Step 4: Arduino

This is the code for the Arduino

Step 5: Putting It Together

We placed the Arduino in the protection part of the rocket and and taped the protected section to the bottle with fins. After this we folded the parachute and gently placed the top nozzle on top of the folded parachute.


After this fill up the bottom bottle with water and your ready to launch.