Introduction: How to Build an Organizer With a Secret Compartment Under 1 Dollar

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my Instructable!

Today’s project is a very-very low cost organizer which is made of easily available materials which can store multiple things and also have an secret compartment for money or something important

So lets get started :)

Step 1: Materials Needed :-

1. Cardboard (I got it from old T.V. box)

2. Glue

3. Coloured paper strip (I used blue use can use what you like)

4. Paper knife

5. White papers(I used white you can use what you want)

6. Most importantly Patience:)

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

First of all you need to cut the pieces of cardboard. You can cut yours accordingly as needed or can use the dimensions exactly as mine. The dimensions used by me include:

A quater circle like figure of dimensions shown in figure (4pieces)

A rectangle of dimensions 22.5*40 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 22*18 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 18*18 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 18*5 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 6*18 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 18*13 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 22*15 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 18*40 cm (cut a piece of rectangle from the side as shown in figure in order to make secret storage unit

A rectangle of dimensions 15*12 cm

A rectangle of dimensions 15*5 cm

Some pieces like of small quater circle And some pieces of cardboard I may not have mentioned(I am very sorry for that if you are making it you may realize what’s necessary I have mentioned all the major parts only the small parts as on the top bisections are left)

Step 3: Making the Main Body:-

Firstly stick white papers or coloured papers as you like on the cardboard

I request you to better see and refer to the images for better idea still firstly on the biggest piece (22.5*40cm) stick two of the quater like circle as shown in the images and stick the 22*18cm rectangle between those two about 5cm from below(better refer to the picture)

Now add an 18*6cm board in the middle of the 18*18cm cardboard and stick on the downward slab of cardboard

Add a piece of 18*13cm from the downward slab

Now put the third quater liked piece with a distance as needed/required by you I used the breadth of a book for my requirements.

Now add the small pieces of cardboard on the top of the right slabs of cardboard as shown in pictures....

Now add the fourth quater piece and add a piece of dimension 22*15 cm in between with a distance of 5cm from below add a piece of 15*5 cm piece from about 6cm from back(this will be our secret organizer box)

Now add a piece of 15*12cm in order to create a stair like image.....

Now add a piece of cardboard at the back in the top to create a false bisection for organizing pens, scissors, etc.

After this step I added the main back piece with hole for secret organizer having a dimension of 18*40cm at the back....

Now its much time now add the strips of paper at corners and on the borders of the cardboard.

Now it looks pretty goooooooood :)

Step 4: Making the Storage Units for Keeping Materials ....

Now you need to create the storage units in which the materials would be kept

For the one side two of same dimensions I required the following dimensions of cardboard yours may vary as the cardboard width may vary from one cardboard to another...

A rectangle of dimensions 17*4.1 (4 pieces)

A rectangle of dimensions 18*8 cm (2 pieces)

A rectangle of dimensions 8*4.1 cm (4 pcs).........and some more as shown in pictures

Step 5: Keeping the Things...

Congratulations now our organizer is completed........

Now come the organizing part i have organized everything as shown in picture you can organize it in your way....

Thanks for giving your precious time to study my instructables thanks........

See you next time.......

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