Introduction: DIY Cardboard House

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Hi Everyone !

In this tutorial, i would tell you how can you create an awesome looking cardboard house just by using some old cardboard boxes and old school notebooks. Its a easy build and just requires about 5 hours to be completely build, you can scale it up or down along your imagination. So without wasting time lets start the build.

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

  • Cardboard Boxes - Random Sizes
  • Old notebook cardboard
  • Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Black Sheet of Paper
  • White A4 sheet Paper
  • Some paper Glue
  • Spray Paint (Optional)

Step 2: Creating the Base Structure

For creating the base, you just need to join the cardboard boxes roughly using glue. Remember it is the base of the project so its will make a rough outline of your final look.

For making the roof in a slanting manner (Skillon), I made small cuts (groove) in the boxes as you can see above.

Next i joined them together and you can see the final look. Actually its much easy. Just you your Imagination and create a rough outline of your castle or house.

Remember do not get confused if you do not have best sizes of the boxes that meets your requirements. Just use a bigger box and cut it down as I have done (It Actually Works)

Step 3: Creating the Rooftop (Skillon)

Next i created small cutouts out of some box cardboard and I used them as a Base for my Skillon. make sure that you use a little bigger sized than of boxes as it looks wonderful after the build.

Step 4: Spray Painting

Next after previous steps were concluded i moved on to next part i.e- painting the structure in a dark colour. I used a dark blue coloured Paint that i had laying around and game my project a great dark look.

If you don't have a spray paint, you can always use a brush based paint to colour the whole part

Step 5: Adding Door and Tiles

Now i gathered some old notebook cardboard which was completely white from inside and cut them into strips of around 1cm in width. Next i used them as tiles for my project and started covering the whole project in this manner (shown above)

Remember :- There should be small gaps between the tiles as shown as it creates a wonderful effect in the future

Next i created small square hole / groove for the door and added one as shown.

And you just need to cut out small outlines for the windows as shown.

Now I continued to tile all around the whole building, till everything was well covered. I know that its a little annoying job but it gets the work done. And at last it looks just amazing.

Step 6: Tiling the Skillion

Start by gathering some leftover pieces of cardboard and tear them into small random size as shown above.

Now just tile all over the skillon till you perfectly and completely cover it.

Repeat the same steps for all the rooftops and windows top and you will get a final gorgeous look.

Step 7: Adding a Final Look

Now i created some window outlines using some black paper, I also created door outine and a door handle to give it a nicer look.

Next make small paper rools (4 in nos.) and use them as a support for barcading the roof space as shown.

Step 8: Enjoy With the Build !

Now the built is done. Now you can sitback and have a look on the gorgeous piece of art that you have build your own.

A very great thanks for giving your precious time for reading my instructables.

Thanks once again !!

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