Introduction: How to Build the Golden Warrior

This is a basic instruction on how to build the Golden Warrior.

Step 1: The Parts

In order to build this set, you will need the following parts.

Step 2: The Legs

First, you will need to construct the legs, do this two times.

Step 3: Armor of the Legs

Then, snap the pieces of the armor onto the front of the legs.

Step 4: Chestplate

Connect your white core to the golden chestplate

Step 5: Connect the Chestplate

Then, connect the chestplate to the body frame.

Step 6: Connecting the Bottom Limbs

Once you have the legs and body built, connect the legs to body.

Step 7: The Left Arm

Connect the pieces of the arm together. Then, snap the gold pieces onto the left side of the arm.

Step 8: The Right Arm

This has the same process as the other arm but instead connect the gold pieces on the right side.

Step 9: Adding More Limbs

Once you’ve assembled the the arms, connect the arms to the body.

Step 10: The Head

To complete the body of the figure, connect the mask to the green head.

Step 11: The Last Limb

Lastly, connect the head to the body.


Congratulations! Your Done! Your figure should look like this!